Our Company

Our Company

Shelze Consulting is a fast growing Accounting, Management Consulting, Financial Advisory and Tax Consulting firm that focuses on SME’s to help improve their businesses.

Established in 2011, We help clients succeed by combining thought leadership in a number of key industries with a comprehensive set of technical business competencies. By seeking to understand the critical issues facing our clients’ businesses, we are able to bring together teams of industry and technical experts who work to create the exact solution that meets the need of our clients.

We believe Africa is the next frontier for growth and that Nigeria will play a key role in driving this agenda. We are of the opinion that equipping SME’s with good business advice is the best and most constructive way to drive the growth in Nigeria and we are focused on improving every aspect of new ventures to help them to stand in their industries and grow at a constant and accelerated rate.

Through our services, we want to fuel the growth and the development of Nigeria and Africa by providing services that build confidence of entrepreneurs to pursue their vision and helping in their management of risks in other to drive success in every aspect of their businesses.

  • VISION: “To be the leading business adviser for SMEs in West Africa


  • MISSION: To use cutting edge technology and the best human resources to provide quality business advice to clients in a timely manner.