Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

We provide Financial Advisory services geared to each client’s investment goals and parameters. We are passionate about nurturing and strengthening businesses.

We assist budding entrepreneurs to: Conceptualize, Plan, Implement, Finance, and Mentor viable ideas. We help businesses understand how various changes to business variable affect their projections with our robust financial models built based international FAST modeling standards.fin advisory

We also assist businesses in drafting business plans at every stage of the company life cycle be it incubation, startup, growth stage, maturity and so on.

We know finance is critical to every business establishment and therefore we help package businesses in the appropriate way to secure loans and equity.

We also assist business buyers and sellers in conducting in-depth due diligence when a transaction is to be consummated. We also help determine the fair value of businesses so as to avoid over paying on the part of the buyer or short changing on the part of the seller.